The experience acquired in over 35 years of developing automation production facilities makes SHUNGDAR a solid reference point today in the sector for steel processing industry.

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  • Shung Dar - Transfer System, able to integrate with multiple main drive units and 2-10 presses into an automatic stamping line according to the processes. Different work piece materials and weights, different types of molds for handling robots and fixtures, such as swing arm robots for lightweight work pieces; SHUNGDAR provides wide range of solutions for transfer equipment. The range of product includes kitchen items, automotive, and appliances components. The transfer system is easily to combine with destacker or coil handling equipment. It is designed for easy and quick tool changing. The transfer arm is driven by an AC servo motor instead of manual picking, which improves the working speed and stabilizes the quality accuracy, effectively reducing the defect rate.

  • Four / Five Axis Swing Arm Stamping Robot
    Four / Five Axis Swing Arm Stamping Robot

    SD's robot can applied for handling light stamping parts such as hardware workpieces. It can be used with gear punches, pneumatic punches and hydraulic presses. A variety of fixture options can be applied to a wide range of industries, glass conveying and plastic flat products as well, it is the solution for the automated stamping industry.

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Shung Dar Metal Stamping Robot Service Introduction

Shung Dar Industrial Co., LTD. is Taiwan Metal Stamping Robot supplier and manufacturer with more than 36 years experence. Since 1982, in the Steel Processing Industry, Shung Dar has been offering our customers high quality Metal Stamping Robot production service. With both advanced technology and 36 years experience, Shung Dar always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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