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SD's Main Products : Coil Processing, Automation Related Press Stamping Line.

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SD's Main Products : Coil Processing, Automation Related Press Stamping Line.
SD's Main Products : Coil Processing, Automation Related Press Stamping Line.

They depended on penetrative thinking, upgraded our skills to keep improving who made all employees and inventive staff organize, and strengthened our company's operation. They made the outstanding accomplishment grow up steadily and our company internationally.

Shung Dar is one of the leading manufactures who produce auto feeding equipment and the first automation and peripherals company in Taiwan to obtain ISO9001 certificate and Shung Dar is also A3 certified design consultant for automated machine design and development by Taiwan's Industrial Development Bureau.

Shung Dar has established automation R&D Department to charge the feeding equipment to integrate into automation for all of our customer.

SHUNGDAR provides customization equipment which integrates coil feeding, automatic transfer, press and die to be a high efficiency smart stamping line.

SHUNGDAR have several of coil processing lines in operation across the world which including USA, Germany, Turkey, Malaysia, UAE, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Philippines, Russia, Thailand and so on. SHUNGDAR also offer coil slitting/cut to length lines with flexible designs adapted to customer requirement.

The experience acquired in over 37 years of developing automation production facilities makes SHUNGDAR a solid reference point today in the sector for steel coil processing industry.
SHUNGDAR provides customization equipment which integrates coil feeding, automatic transfer, press and die to be a high efficiency smart coil stamping line.

2020To develop and produce 30mm precision leveler.
2019To develop cut to length & slitting combination line.
2018To produce and sale the heavy thickness rotary shear line to the midland of Taiwan.
2017Produce and sale the slitting line to Malaysia DAIKIN air condition.
2016To cooperate with ATS Corp., Japan to produce Transformer Core Cut-To-length Line.
2016With China AIDA press and produce the blanking Line system.
2014Blanking Line system Technical Partnership with Japanese Press Manufacturer AIDA, and Germany Press manufacturer Heilbronn.
2012ShungDar Industrial 30th Anniversary.
2011To build new factory in order to provide more production space to offer huge machines.
2010To update certificate of ISO 9001 and CE.
2007To develop 3-D transfer system and start production at the same year.
2006To Establish Shung Dar Equipment Tianjin in Tanjing City, China which was the agent of Coe press equipment Corp USA.
2005To developing SNR6 & SNR8 and start production at the same year.
2004To establish Kuen Shan Shung Dar Co., Ltd. At Chang Su, China. Providing Slitting Line as "SD" mark.
2003To establish new factories to upgrade our scope and increased European, American, Asian, and Middle East agents.
2002To develop NCHF and established Austrian agent.
2001Conforming to quality assurance system of ISO 9001.
Get the certification of ISO 9001. Fabricated CPCCorporation's production of 50-gallons oil drums.
2000To obtain certification of automatic service title by National Industrial Bureau.
1999Developing high precision straightener feeding system S-2000 series, the complete ling exported to PWS company, England.
1998Developing robot & transfer feeding system.
1995To establish "CHIN SHUNG DAR PRECISION INDUSTRY CO." increasing capital to purchase facility and expand factory scale.
1994To apply "SD" as trade mark in domestic and oversea market.
1990In order to use the space more efficient, developing the coil cradle, straightener and NC feeder into one compact 3 in 1 unit.
1988Developing NC roll feeder and provided more accurate feeding equipment’s.
1986Providing the customer with coil cradle & straightener combination equipment to save space.
1984Developing auto material straightener and uncoiler.
1982To establish Shung Dar Industrial Co., Ltd. Located in Chuan Hua City, Taiwan. Manufacturing auto feeding equipment for press.

Steel Coil Stamping Processing Equipment Supply, Sold in 30 Countries | Shung Dar

Shung Dar Industrial Co., LTD., since 1982, is a steel coil stamping processing equipment manufacturer based in Taiwan. CE, SGS & ISO 9001 certified, blanking Line system technical partnership with Japanese press manufacturer AIDA, and German press manufacturer Heilbronn, Shung Dar's machinery is sold in over 30 countries with solid reputation.

Based on industry 4.0, Shungdar‘s press equipment is designed with uncoiler, leveler, feeder, shear, transfer, stacking and automated stamping production processes. The coil processing, slitting and cut to length lines are designed with smart production line controls, as well as excellent service.

Shung Dar has been offering customers high-quality heavy duty single and double head uncoiler, rotary shear line, 3 in 1 NC servo feeder, straightener & uncoiler since 1982, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Shung Dar ensures each customer's demands are met.

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