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Shungdar Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in steel coil stamping proceeding equipment for more than 36 years. It is deeply rooted in Taiwan and established Soondar Compnay in Kunshan, China, and actively expands its business reach 30 countries.

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  • Floor Stand Robot System
    Floor Stand Robot System

    SD's machinery - Shungdar Floor Stand Robot System is suitable for medium and large sheet metal stamping parts such as home appliance industry, electronics industry, and automobile industry. Shungdar Floor Stand Robot System is driven by AC servo motor, special connecting rod design, and connection and changes more. The application of stamping robots can improve the automated production of existing press and dies, and the operation is easy to operate without the need for too complicated educational training. In line with the direction of the plant space and the material parts, the right angle steering can be made midway, the front of the punching machine is open, and the mold maintenance and replacement is easy. It can be used for independent material supply devices, intermediate transfer devices, and device devices. The transfer distance can be customized according to the actual arrangement pitch of the customer's punching die.

  • One Bar Transfer System
    One Bar Transfer System
    H1S / H1M

    Shungdar's Floor Stand Robot System, suitable for large stamping parts, such as computer casings, electrical boxes, OA office furniture equipment. The transfer distance can be customized according to the actual arrangement pitch of the customer's punching die. Both transferring and lifting axes are driven by AC servo motro, with good feed stability and high positioning accuracy. The transfering distance can be customized based on the customer's press or tooling actual space. Able to integrated with multiple main drive units and 2 - 10 presses into an automatic stamping line according to the processes required.

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Shung Dar Floor Stand Robot System Service Introduction

Shung Dar Industrial Co., LTD. is Taiwan Floor Stand Robot System supplier and manufacturer with more than 40 years experence. Since 1982, in the Steel Processing Industry, Shung Dar has been offering our customers high quality Floor Stand Robot System production service. With both advanced technology and 40 years experience, Shung Dar always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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