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Shungdar Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in steel coil stamping proceeding equipment for more than 36 years. It is deeply rooted in Taiwan and established Soondar Compnay in Kunshan, China, and actively expands its business reach 30 countries.

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  • Metal Coil Tension Leveling Rotary Shear Line
    Metal Coil Tension Leveling Rotary Shear Line

    Shungdar Industrial Co., Ltd. Latest development high speed rotary shear line, which is commonly used in mass coil service center production, showcasing the technology of high efficiency and high precision of automation production. The compact line includes the functions of auto coil loading, auto coil threading, and leveling auto adjustment, cutting the rectangular, trapezoid and parallelogram sheet shapes, as well as tracking. The system adopts the uninterrupted cutting method, and omits some devices such as feed rolls which may indent the steel sheets, and arc guide device which may collide and leaves marks on the steel sheet. Compared with traditional shearing lines, Shungdar rotary shear line utilizes an arithmetic unit, which are supplied with the cutting length and the average feed rate of the sheet stock, to calculate a synchronous speed and a synchronization length, and makes the feeder to feed the sheet stock to a rotary shear for fly cutting by its rotating cutting edges. By using servo motor, the shears can continuously cut and stack steel sheets at a maximum speed of 90M per minute. This feature will be applied to realize the increase of productivity, reduce of production time and cost. And with the adoption of dual leveling system, integrated with tension levelling unit, enable the leveling plasticity up to 95%, creating high precision leveling for better usage of the processed blanks.

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Shung Dar Metal Coil Tension Leveling Rotary Shear Line Service Introduction

Shung Dar Industrial Co., LTD. is Taiwan Metal Coil Tension Leveling Rotary Shear Line supplier and manufacturer with more than 40 years experence. Since 1982, in the Steel Processing Industry, Shung Dar has been offering our customers high quality Metal Coil Tension Leveling Rotary Shear Line production service. With both advanced technology and 40 years experience, Shung Dar always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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