Coil Feeding Line

Light 3 in 1 Feeder

Light 3 in 1 Feeder

Light type economic 3 in 1 feeding line max weight 1 ton, which suitable for computer casings, and light / thin chassis.

Heavy 3 in 1 Feeder

Heavy 3 in 1 Feeder

6 mm heavy type economic 3 in 1 feeding line, finished products such as shelf punching, brake disc and office equipment.


Steel Coil Stamping Processing Equipment Supply, Sold in 30 Countries | Shung Dar

Shung Dar Industrial Co., LTD., since 1982, is a steel coil stamping processing equipment manufacturer based in Taiwan. CE, SGS & ISO 9001 certified, blanking Line system technical partnership with Japanese press manufacturer AIDA, and German press manufacturer Heilbronn, Shung Dar's machinery is sold in over 30 countries with solid reputation.

Based on industry 4.0, Shungdar‘s press equipment is designed with uncoiler, leveler, feeder, shear, transfer, stacking and automated stamping production processes. The coil processing, slitting and cut to length lines are designed with smart production line controls, as well as excellent service.

Shung Dar has been offering customers high-quality heavy duty single and double head uncoiler, rotary shear line, 3 in 1 NC servo feeder, straightener & uncoiler since 1982, both with advanced technology and 36 years of experience, Shung Dar ensures each customer's demands are met.

Coil Feeding Line

Steel Coil/Stock Press Unwinding/Straightening/Feeding Line, Compact Sheet Metal Press Feed Line, Coil/Metal Processing Equipment, Coil Handling And Leveling/Feeding Unit

Shung Dar Coil Feeding Line, Metal Processing Equipment, Press Feed Line
Shung Dar Coil Feeding Line, Metal Processing Equipment, Press Feed Line

Shungdar machinery specializes in manufacturing various types of metal stamping and feeding line solutions. It has automatic feeding equipment for unwinding, leveling and feeding functions. It is integrates punching machine as a high-efficiency intelligent stamping production line and applies a wide range of stamping related industries, such as steam locomotive sheet metal, hone appliance industry, hardware industry, electronics industry, construction industry...etc.

Understanding the customer's production needs, plant space planning, provide customers with a variety of production equipment options, help customers significantly improve production efficiency, with full-line automation as the goal recover investment costs in the shortest possible time to maximize investment benefits.

  • 3 in 1 NC Servo Feeder, Straightener & Uncoiler - Shung Dar - 3 in 1 NC Servo Feeder, Straightener & Uncoiler
    3 in 1 NC Servo Feeder, Straightener & Uncoiler
    3 in 1 combined Decoiler leveler Feeder for stamping metal parts, Sheet automatic 3 in 1 Decoiler and Straightener, Metal Stamping Press Feeder, 3 in 1 Coil Processing Unit, Coil Processing Equipment

    Shung Dar Machinery - NC Servo Feeder, Straightener & Uncoiler can classify into light, medium and thick plates and heavy-duty type according to materials. Equipment one set by three machines as one, and driven by servo motor to enhance feeding accuracy. The parameter setting and machine adjust can be completed with one control screen and remote pendent, which greatly simplifies the operation procedure and improves the productivity advantage. SHUNGDAR Compact feedline (3in1) function is designed to combine of Uncoiler, Straightener and Feeder to one machine. The compact feedline save valuable plant floor space. The entire machine is rigidly mounted on a machine base for stability and easy operation. The powerful welding structure with intelligent control configuration is a highly automated stamping and feeding equipment around the punching machine, which achieves the goals of increasing production advantages and reducing production costs. It can be applied to various metal stamping related industries such as metal hardware, auto parts, electronics, electrical appliances, etc.

  • 2 in 1 Uncoiler & Straightener - Shung Dar - 2 in 1 Uncoiler & Straightener
    2 in 1 Uncoiler & Straightener
    2 in 1 Compact Decoiler / Straightener, Steel Coil Feed Line -2 In 1 Decoiler Strip Straightener Machine, Sheet Metal Steel Roll Leveling Machine Uncoiler

    Shung Dar Machinery - Two-in-one uncoiler and straightener, which is combine with steel coil uncoiler (unwinding) and the straightener (leveling). Compared to three independent machines on the same production line, the floor space is more shorten and the overall structure is more compact. The complete feeding line are included the NC servo roll feeder and stamping press as well, but the length of coil loop should be reserved between the straightener and the feeder. If your plant has enough space, we will recommend you 2 in 1 model combined with the feeder, the overall budget is lower than the 3 in 1 model.

  • NC Servo Roll Feeder - Shung Dar - NC Servo Roll Feeder
    NC Servo Roll Feeder
    Metal Coil Feeder, Steel Coil NC Feeder, Automatic NC servo Feeder, Air Feeder, Pneumatic Feeder

    Shung Dar Machinery - Manufacturing air feeder and NC servo roll feeder, combined with steel coil uncoiler (unwinding), straightener (leveling) and stamping press into a automation feeding press processing line, can also be matched with hydraulic press, shearing machine, forming machine, laser cutting machine. The models can classified into light, medium and thick plate and heavy-duty type according to the materials.

  • Coil / Stock Straightener - Shung Dar - Coil / Stock Straightener
    Coil / Stock Straightener
    Metal Sheet Straightener, Steel Coil Tension Leveler

    Shung Dar - Straightener / Leveling Machine, which can eliminate material pressure, effectively correct the parts to bend up or down to achieve the desired straightener. With steel uncoiler, air feeder or NC servo feeder, it is integrate into automatic punching and feeding production line with the punching machine. The separate unit needs to reserve two looping area. Compared with the two-in-one and three-in-one feeding line models, this line configuration accounts area will largest than the other two types of feeding line. The customers who choose this production line usually require high-speed production speed, and the materials may be soft or important of the surface. There must be no any marks when feeding and stamping during the production process.

  • Single / Double Head Uncoiler - Shung Dar - Uncolier / Decolier
    Single / Double Head Uncoiler
    Metal Sheet Coil Decoiler, Steel Coil Unwinder / Rewinder, Steel Coil Reels

    Shungdar Machinery - Steel uncoiler, after the coil is unrolled, enters the straightening material of the straightening machine, and goes through the feeding machine to the punching press procedure. The material uncoiler / unwinder is not only important equipment in the punch-feeding production line, but also can applied to various rolls. Specifications are applicable to light, general or heavy duty, according to the different production needs of customers, we recommend the best production line configuration for you. Uncoilers are designed with the highest quality mechanical component and built with a cabinet style base. The heavy-duty legs allow the Uncoiler to be floor mounted stabile without any foundation. It consistent and true mandrel expansion of the mandrel pads is assured. As standard, the Uncoiler is designed with “480-520mm” expansion rang for handling wide range of steel coils. The material width scale is mounted on (1) mandrel pad. It allows the operator to locate coil on the centerline of Uncoiler accurately and quickly.The type of uncoiler divided into single-head uncoiler and double-head uncoiler. The double-head uncoiler optimized to reduce the material preparation time and increase the productivity. The uncoiler divided into manual or hydraulic rotation, and the mandrel of uncoiler can loading the coil. It is special designed for uninterrupted stamping production line, saving time for changing coils; single-head and double-head coil can be divided into light, medium and strong structures according to the load, and the equipment and functions are diversified.The Hydraulic Mandrel Expansion feature allows the operator to expand the mandrel pads to contact coil I.D. by pushbutton or pendant. The mandrel pads are expanded by an internally mounted hydraulic cylinder. One set of 4 pcs of adjustable coil keeper is provided with the Uncoiler. It is placed on the mandrel pads to assure coil placement and accurate. The optional coil hold down arm is provided to assist the threading process, actuated by a pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder and the end wheel can assist the operator with unwinding and rewinding of the coil.

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